Professional Artist Management and Promotional Services

Our A La Carte Services


Live or Studio/Promotional Photography

Professional photographers available for any level of shooting. From live coverage, to album covers or general promotion.

Editorial Services

We have Professional Writers available to write your bios, website and social media content, press releases, blogs, reviews (album or show), playbills and feature articles.

Graphic Design

We work with the bands/artists to develop logos, show posters, album design, merchandise and more.

Show Promotion/Curation

Have our team build the shows, contact the venues or bands/artists, run the social media campaigns and promo videos and graphics.

Stage Management

Larger shows can require experienced people to keep the show running safely and on time.

Our team can work independently or in concert with another team to execute this effectively.


Releasing new product can be very exciting, but a challenge to navigate the many options available to today's artists. Work with our team to maximize the release potential with current streaming leaders.

Blythe Anderson Artist Management Services does not act as an independent booking agent.